Monday, October 01, 2007

Battle Cry - Day 4 Piha to Parakai

Today probably shouldn't have been, but it was. We started the day off with a little oatmeal, a little coffee, and a 3km granny gear climb. All in all we climbed for about 2 hours retracing our steps from yesterday. It was during hour three that I decided that from here on out, whenever we were tired or the riding was hard, we could cry out "Remember Piha!". We learned a couple of things from yesterday; it's ok to ask for directions and/or opinions on the road ahead, and sometimes maps don't tell you everything. We have now been asking anyone who will make eye contact about the road ahead and we've also been avoiding curly roads on the map because those mean HILLS!
We made it from Piha Beach to Parakai in about 5 hours of ride time today. We traveled through some very steep country from Piha to Swanson, where we stopped for a very tasty scone, and then pedaled through some rolling vineyards to Parakai. We rode about 70km total and felt it all. I think that our spirits are definitely up compared to yesterday and we are feeling pretty strong for this early in the trip.
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