Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Waipapakauri to Whatuwhiwhi

Location: 34 52 35.4 S, 173 23 22.2 E
Distance: 42.22k
Time: 2:21:35
Avg Speed 17.9 kph
Terrain: Rolling

We had a very nice ride this morning, using a tail wind to our greatest advantage. We headed east with this wind for 26 kilometers this morning and then took a turn north up the Karikari peninsula. We took in a lot of rolling farmland with olive and avocado orchards, vineyards, dairy cattle galore and a sheep station that stretched on for at least 18 kilometers. Mutton anyone? We covered about 44 kilometers today in about 2.5 hours and spent the afternoon lazing around, reading (I finally finished the book I started the trip with) and checked out the local beach. It was finally sunny enough, for long enough to charge our iPods and our AA batteries on our solar charger. Leslie did have her hands full keeping me away from the new bag of “Choc Chip Biscuits” though. I did manage to get a couple put away with out her knowing.
I know I have written already about the greatness of cookies, but I am still so amazed by the fact that I can get such joy by having them. Today’s selection was purchased at a little superette (corner store) in Awanui. They are from a little bakery in New Zealand and quite good. I have found that the baked goods here are really quite delicious. Yesterday on our bus tour the driver busted out some great scones (pronounced scawns here) and these great jam filled muffins. If you couldn’t tell, we haven’t been keeping up very well with our nutrition the past couple of days. Food has been on the forefront for those couple of days. I wrote in my last blog that we have been traveling lighter and not carrying too much food. I think I am shooting that theory out the window. It is really only feasible to carry two days worth of food on our bikes so we do have to be diligent of monitoring food quantities and meals left when we are in towns with a grocer. It is amazing how you can take for granted that there is always a restaurant, fast food, grocery store or corner store nearby. We are rural enough that the ability to just run down the street from some food isn’t feasible unless you want to jump on your bike and give a little 10 kilometer pedal. That distance doesn’t sound like much, but after riding for four hours, the last thing you really want to do is get on your bike again. Sometimes it isn’t a big deal, especially if the weather isn’t bad or the cupboard is really bare.
We just had one of our better camp meals of the trip. I was forced to drop the idea of what I wanted to buy and get what was available at the store. Another lesson learned.
Good bye

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JennSean said...

You need to either dedicate a section of the book for cookies/cakes/muffins/ etc, or just write a book about yummy foods from around the world!! I am salivating just thinking about cookies...yup, we are doing the food detox thing again.
-JH & SK