Thursday, October 04, 2007

Solar Powered People

Day 9 Sandspit to Pakiri 10/04/07
It is always amazing what a little sun can do. We spent yesterday holed up in a little one room cabin in Sandspit watching the rain and wind blow. Today we rode in short sleeves for the first time in New Zealand and are charging batteries on our solar charger. We were anxiously tracking a high pressure system that is going to give us some respite off the coast of Australia. It is slowly pushing its way south, but we don’t care how slow it goes as long as it goes. Both Leslie and I are feeling better after a few days of rest/forced rest.
The first week has flown by and we are able to start taking things in a one day at a time mode rather than a hurry and get around the world mode. We have to constantly remind ourselves to slow the flags down. The flags come from a talk we attended by a woman named Kit Deslaurisis who skied off the summit of the tallest peaks on all seven continents. She had the room draped with hundreds of Buddhist prayer flags and had us imagine that each flag represented thoughts in our head. The way to reach an inner peace was to focus on the flag, or idea, slow it down, and focus solely on that idea. It was amazing how that little exercise has helped bring a calm and focus on the things that Leslie and I do. We have been trying to slow the flags down the past couple of days and I think that it is helping.
So here is to flags waiving slowly in the sun. Hopefully we can have a lot more days like today.
Happy Birthday Ellie!!!


UB and AR said...

UB and AR ae enjoying following you. Keep flying those flags.

Sheryl @ Inman said...

You guys rock. I look forward to your entries every day as I am doing this trip vicariously with you :-) I like the flags and have several I need to slow down myself. Stay cool and have a totally groovy time!!

JennSean said...

Very cool photo!