Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 17 Russell to Kerikeri

Distance: 28.21k
Time: 2:09:46
Avg Speed 13.0kph
Terrain: Rolling

Today was a typical day in the Northland of New Zealand. We started out in sun and ended with a nice little headwind. Evidently there is more to come. The low pressure systems have been lined up to take a whack at us and here comes number 3. We did finally meet with some other cycle tourists in Russell. One was a man traveling solo heading north. He was on a bit of mission since he was not phased by the weather earlier in the week. The other was a woman from Switzerland who was on her way back south. She had been where we are heading and was enjoying the benefits of the wind that has been taunting us the past week. She commented that it was hard cycling all the time since you are always exposed to the elements. Her words have rang true so far. We were commiserating tonight at the fact that after even only 30 kilometers into the wind we are just wiped out. We set the tent up when we got to camp, had a sandwich (pb and honey—no tuna today!!) and took a little nap before heading into town to go see the oldest buildings in New Zealand. The oldest European buildings I guess. A store and missionary’s house were built in Kerikeri in the 1820’s and served the incoming sailors and the Maori. You could get a blanket for the price of a pig and musket for the price of eight pigs. We then ran to the market for a dinner of salad and pull apart cheese and bacon bread. I guess it dangerous to shop while you are hungry, but it sure does taste good.

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