Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day 13 Matakohe to Dargaville

Location: 35 52’17.4”S, 173 57’25.8”E
Distance: 44.29km
Time: 3:19:53
Avg Speed: 13.2kph
Terrain: Flat

We got off of our rest day just fine in Matakohe. We rode about 10 kilometers of hills before we reached the famed flats of the Wairoa River. The ladies at the information center in Warkworth told us that “it was flat as Holland there.” Needless to say we were licking our chops with anticipation of some flats and the hope of having a daily average speed above 12 kph. We crested the final hill before we descended into the flat land and that is when the wind picked up. To make a long story short we rode into a horrendous head wind all day and struggled to go the 44 kilometers to Dargaville. We were pleasantly surprised that we did bump our average speed up to 13.2 kph today. We were bummed out that our flat day still turned into a nice ride with a “bag full of cats.”
When we got into Dargaville we found out that the head wind we had been enjoying all day was pushing in a new round of rain storms. We spent the afternoon checking buses and weather conditions in order to get to Whangarei and eventually Paihia. If the weather holds out we will ride to Whangarei and then take a bus on Wednesday to Paihia. If we wake up to rain we will ride into Dargaville and catch the 7:30 am bus to Whangarei and then the afternoon bus to Paihia.
I think that we are pretty decent at changing our plans depending on conditions, but the first couple of weeks have been nothing but changes. I equated it to walking a tight rope all the time and always adjusting our balance. Right now it feels like we are out of balance. Hopefully that tight rope turns into a board and it will be a little easier to have a bit of balance and flow again. We shall see what tomorrow throws at us.
Until next time.

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