Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Back to the Beginning

Day 104
Blenheim to Picton. To Christchurch on the Train

Time: 2:02:00
Distance: 30.30 k
Avg Speed: 15.1 kph
Terrain: Rolling with a headwind
Location: 43˚ 29’ 34.1” S, 172˚ 37’ 6.3” E

Our last day touring was much like the first few days of touring. We had a few hills and a lot of wind. Unlike the first few days, the wind didn’t bother us. We just put our heads down and pedaled our way toward Picton. I guess I’ve come to realize that there is very little to control; in cycling touring and in life. You just accept what you’ve got at the moment, do your best, and “it will all come out in the wash”.
We completed the circle we started about three weeks ago. The tour of the Marlborough and Nelson was beautiful, as much of our time in New Zealand has been. Once again, we saw and did many different things. This is such an amazing place to be outdoors.
From Picton we rode the train back to Christchurch and our home at the Jailhouse (backpackers). We settled right in and even picked out a movie to watch. I popped the movie in the DVD player and suddenly we had a full house in the tv room. Everyone was really psyched to watch the movie, probably any movie for that matter. Unfortunately, we picked the worst movie in the lot. It was called Sleeping Dogs and was a New Zealand made movie starring Sam Neill. It must have been the flick that got him into Hollywood. I’m sure his looks were key in making the transition to the big time because the acting was not award worthy. Actually, it wasn’t worthy of anything. Anyway, we all clapped at the end and everyone decided we weren’t allowed to pick any more movies. Good thing we’ll be too busy tomorrow packing.

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