Saturday, January 05, 2008

Good Rides and Great Rides

Day 102
Wither Hills Mountain Bike Park
Time: 1:33:43
Distance: 21.0 k
Avg Speed: 13.3kph
Terrain: Singletrack

Today we found some rippin’ singletrack and got to go on a “ride”. It was great. Going for a ride is something that I miss more than I thought I would. Now, I know we ride all the time, but it’s not the same.
With a map in hand, we navigated our way across Blenheim this morning and found ourselves in the parking lot of the Wither Hills Mountain Bike Park. We reviewed the trailhead map and decided to start with the junior loop. There was no need to get in over our heads since we haven’t ridden trails in quite awhile. To start, our bikes aren’t the most streamline rigs for cross country trail riding. Furthermore, we’ve been working on our endurance not our aerobic capacity.
Off we went as Chris led the way. It wasn’t long before we left the junior loop behind and pedaled our way up the intermediate loop. The area reminded us a lot of trails in the metro Denver (Green Mountain) and Fort Collins areas. Dry, grassy hills with tight singletrack - sweet! And to make it even better, there were no snakes. Our friend Diane would love this place.
The mountain bike park sits on 40 hectares of dedicated space within a larger 1100 hectare tract. Walkers and runners have to give way to bikers. You don’t see that at home. Originally used for agriculture, the park is still a working farm so you can say it’s definitely multi-use.
About 35 minutes after we started, we were back at the beginning. We looked at each other in amazement and realized that we’re probably in pretty good shape after all.
Ride on,

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