Wednesday, January 09, 2008


In the beginning we had hoped to have podcasts available on our blog site. We finally have some to share. Every month Chris and I have been taking turns interviewing each other. It’s been great entertainment and we’d like to share a few snippets from the past three months. Have fun!

Go to our website to listen: You can click the link and it should play automatically or you can right-click and save the file to your computer.

Day 30 – Chris describes his impressions of New Zealand

Day 60 – Leslie talks about what she thought would be difficult (before starting the trip) and what really is tricky on the road

Day 90 – Chris explores his thoughts about bicycle travel

Let us know what you think or if you can even download and listen to these files. Maybe we’ll do some more…

Also, we've made some other updates to the website. Take a tour if you haven't looked at it in awhile.



Class Act said...

The Pod-cast worked great...good to hear your voices. Nice to see someone else is awake at 2AM!!

Anonymous said...

I was able to download then listen to each podcast! I agree, very nice to hear both of your voices! Makes me miss you guys a WHOLE lot. Not just a little.
Peace out - JH