Friday, January 25, 2008

The Old Bond Store

Day 119
Portland Rest Day 1

We’ve done the usual tasks today while catching up from the last week of riding. Lucky for us we have a very comfortable place to stay while we rest. Somehow, we keep finding our way to interesting and historic buildings on this trip. Our current accommodation is no different and we are at home in our apartment of classic bluestone architecture and stylish contemporary design. Sit back, relax, and let me describe the fascinating history of this structure.
The entire building was originally the “Bond Store” where tobacco, flour and other supplies were stored in the mid 1800s. Back in the day, supplies were delivered by ship to the Portland Bay settlement and transferred to the store. Citizens were then required to pay taxes on their goods before they could receive them. Essentially, the bond store was the middle man.
In 1908 the store was sold and became the home of the Portland Observer. Our host’s great-grandfather was the first editor of the newspaper and the business, which also added commercial printing and stationery, was handed down through several generations. In 1980 the printing operation moved a few blocks down the street and the building transformed again, this time into a restaurant.
In 2006 the most recent incarnation came about – holiday apartments. The design mixes old and new in seamless fashion. The bluestone walls and wooden beams are the historic foundation of the living space. The modern additions have the bedroom sitting above the kitchen in a loft and the rest of the living space open to the ceiling. Custom ironwork in the staircase and loft railings ties everything together. It’s been such a pleasure to be some of the first guests to enjoy the finished product of beautiful and handcrafted workmanship. We’re looking forward to more adventures in unique accommodation.
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What a great place to stay!! Love the history!