Tuesday, January 22, 2008

From One Extreme to Another

Day 117
Dartmoor to Lower Glenelg NP
Time: 1:54:00
Distance: 27.41 k
Avg Speed: 14.2 kph
Terrain: Rolling
Location: 38˚ 03’ 29.7” S, 141˚ 13’ 5.1” E

In just ten days we’ve gone from one extreme to the other. Tonight we’re in the lush, green setting of Lower Glenelg National Park in the far west of Victoria. It’s a totally different landscape than the city streets of Melbourne where we started our Australian journey. The temperature has also changed quite a bit as well. We arrived to find scorching 100+ degree temperatures ten days ago. Tonight we’ve crawled in our sleeping bags early because the mercury has dropped into the low 60s. Go figure.
Our ride today we pretty mellow again. We rolled through more blocks of trees and endless pastureland. A stone church caught my eye along the way – it had a pink door and I thought it might make a nice picture. As we walked around, we found the war memorial for the area. Using natural features, the tribute to fallen heroes was done with rows of trees rather than with stone monuments. Regardless of the style, I’ve been really impressed with the acknowledgment of veterans in almost every town we’ve passed through.
We arrived at camp just in time for a bite to eat. It was hot lunch today as we pulled out instant noodles from Chris’ front pannier. It’s amazing how good a cup-a-soup can taste when it’s the only choice on the menu. We’re looking forward to getting to the next big town to add a little variety to our meals again.
Tomorrow we head to the coast and the town of Portland. We’ll be visiting a very nice couple that we met early in our trip to New Zealand (see post – “And the Horse Won by Three Lengths”). We’re looking forward to catching up on the last three months and to see Australia from a local’s point of view.
Sweet dreams,

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