Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meatloaf Sandwich and a Two Car Garage

Day: 116
Hamilton to Dartmoor
Time: 5:08
Distance: 80.57 km
Avg Speed: 15.6 kph
Terrain: rolling
Location: 37 55' 39.7" S, 141 17' 01.5" E

I am making up for no blog yesterday. It was a rainy rest day which entailed haircuts, gelato, and lots of tennis on the TV. We opted for a little R and R while the rains fell.
We took off this morning for Dartmoor. We got a reasonable early start and headed out of Hamilton under a fine mist and clouds. The weather stayed with us the whole way today, but it was still better than riding in hot, hot temps.
I saw my first kangaroo from the bike today. It just kind of lollygagged across the road, fed a little, saw me and then lollygagged into the bush. The novelty still hasn’t worn off.
The area we rode through was one eucalyptus plantation after another. Each big field had a sign saying how many hectares it was and what year it was planted. It was cool to see these 200-300 hectare plantations with trees planted like rows of corn.
We decided to grab a bite to eat at the Lazy Bones Café in Dartmoor when we rolled into town. Dartmoor is a really small town so it wasn’t surprising that the café was in our hostess’ front rooms. We got a couple of Cokes to drink and ordered up a meatloaf slab sandwich. It was awesome. It was gut bomb as well, but it was awesome. Nothing like a hunk of meatloaf on a toasted focacia with fries and a salad. Our hostess/cook/proprietor also gave the low down on the camping in town. She pointed us down the road to the Dartmoor Tourist Camping Domain. It is a spacious grass field with eucalyptus trees just out side of town. It is also free. I almost ordered a chocolate shake when she told us that, but decided against it. We got cookies instead.
We got to our little campsite and got the tent set up before it started to mist and rain again. We didn’t have a covered area for our bikes so we decided to wedge them under the vestibule of our tent. It is great to have a tent big enough to sleep, eat, cook, hang out and store bikes in.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods

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