Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 107: Christchurch NZ to Melbourne AU

Time: Going on 38 hours
Distance: Across the Ditch
Avg Speed: Plane: Unknown, Bike: 15 kph
Terrain: All over

We flew from NZ to Australia today. Our trip actually started yesterday around noon. We opted to not pay for another night at the backpacker in Christchurch and spent the night in the airport. There wasn’t much sleep to be achieved on the carpeted concrete slab they call the ‘Arrival Terminal’. I think I was a little on edge since I only got 2 hours of sleep before we had to roll out of our little beds and get ready to fly.
The flight went smoothly as well as the customs on the Australia side.
When we got out of customs in Melbourne, Leslie tracked down some maps of the city while I got the bikes put back together for our venture across town. We were a little worried about the heat when we started but just put our heads down and rode. I couldn’t quite get my computer working right on my bike, but I think we rode around 35 k across town. The great thing was most of it was on bike paths through green space. We finally made it to our backpacker lodging in a couple of hours. They were certainly surprised to find out that we had ridden our bikes in from the airport. I think they were surprised about the distance we rode, I think we were surprised when we found out that we had ridden across town in 41˚C (100˚+F). We were glad to find out that these aren’t typical temperatures and in fact it is cooling tomorrow evening.
We did stop at the Rod Laver Tennis Center to buy some tickets for the Australian Open Tennis Tournament for Monday. We will let you know how that goes. Evidently they have had problems with unruly fans at the Open in the past. I can’t believe that any nation under The Crown would be unruly at a sporting event.

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