Sunday, January 06, 2008

Day 103 Blenheim

Time: 1:31
Distance: 21 km
Avg Speed: 13.something
Terrain: Singletrack

We didn’t get enough singletrack yesterday so we went back out for some more this morning. We ended up riding the same loop and ran into the most interesting guy. We never did catch his name, but he pegged us as being from Colorado and added that he loved to visit there. We talked a little more about bike stuff (hey that’s what bike people do!!) and he said that he really liked the natural history museum in Denver. He said it was neat to see something of your father’s all the way over in Denver. He dropped it at that point, but I just had to know what did his dad have over in D-Town? Evidently his father was a specimen collector for museums and had collected some seals, albatross and penguins on Campbell Island near Antarctica. How cool is that?!?!
I was also a little bookworm today (along with Leslie who was attached to the computer). I would love to say that I have read some classics while we have been traveling, but when your library consists of the book trade at the various backpackers and campgrounds you are really limited. Robert Ludlum and Clive Cussler are huge scores for me. Leslie loves to make fun of Dirk Pitt (Clive Cussler’s featured hero) and his various love interests whilst I am reading. The best exchange was when she asked ‘how Dirk and that Muffelata gal are doing?’ I replied that I wasn’t reading about Dirk Pitt in that book (in fact it wasn’t even a Clive Cussler novel) and that her name wasn’t Muffelata. I can’t remember what her name was now but I do remember that she didn’t die in the end. My favorite genre has been action books for guys. Not real mind expanding stuff, but entertaining to say the least. One of these days I will find something thought provoking and insightful, but until then I will keep adding to my repertoire of thoughtless and entertaining books.

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