Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 110 Melbourne

Time: All Day
Distance: Down the Street
Terrain: Hard Court
Location: Vodafone Arena

Today was our big day. We went to our first major tennis tournament. I learned a lot today. I learned that I enjoy watching the show during the match, just as much as I enjoy watching the match.
Our first match was a Russian Glamazon facing off against a little unseeded gal who didn’t stand a chance. 3 hours and ten minutes later the match ended 2-6, 6-2, 12-10. It was the second longest women’s match in Australian Open history. At times it was like watching a drama queen ice dancer do an interpretive dance of a tennis match. I am not being mean when I say that either; there was flopping, flaunting and fashion. It was interesting and cool to see but towards the end we were just hoping for a victor. The following match was American Andy Roddick against a poor Czech guy. 3 sets later it was over. I also discovered that men’s tennis is more blunt force trauma whereas women’s is more finesse.
I think both of our highlight was watching Lindsey Davenport play her first major since giving birth to her little boy. She went three sets in her match, but walked away the victor. It was a really cool day and surprisingly tiring.
Before the tennis today we stopped by ‘The G’ to catch an hour of cricket. The juniors were playing today so it was free to get in. We killed two birds with one stone; we didn’t have to pay to take a tour of the grounds and we were able to watch a little cricket. The sport is pretty fun to watch since there is quite a bit of action, but the games are sooooo long (measured in days…not hours).
Leslie also got her bike serviced and back from a bike shop near where we are staying. It was really set up to service bike commuters with a solid stock of panniers, racks, locks and trailers. They fixed Leslie’s bike and since it was a loose cable (shame on me for not checking the previous mechanic’s work) they didn’t charge a thing. If you are ever in Melbourne and need some work done at very cool bike shop check out Abbotsford Cycles and Bicycle Repair. It was really a cool old school bike shop.
We couldn’t get enough of the tennis action today so we are watching night matches on the television.
The last thing I learned today was; if you are going to be a ball boy, wear sensible underwear. No one wants to see you doing some recovery work during a match.

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