Friday, January 04, 2008

The Land of Sauvignon Blanc

Day 100
Blenheim to Renwick and Back
Time: 2:25:00
Distance: 31k
Avg Speed: Faster when entering vineyard and slower when leaving
Terrain: Grapes
Location: Marlborough Wine Country

Ah, the wine tour. We tasted our share of sauvignon blancs today. Now we know for sure that we’ve been picking the wrong ones at home. A combination of good draining soils, lots of sun, mild temperatures and rain (in moderation) make wines from this region world renowned. Starting at Cloudy Bay, one of the wine makers in the region, we worked our way in a loop around Marlborough. Nautilus was our favorite for its friendly hosts and because we met a couple from Denver, Colorado. What a small world!
LKPs – Jennie – don’t worry, we’re still not wine snobs!

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Anonymous said...

I stopped into a shop in the village last weekend...looks like they have some wines from Marlborough Country, but not the Cloudy Bay. They guy thought there was a restaurant around that serves it, will see what I can do about trying to get us some!
Happy Trails - JH&SK