Thursday, November 08, 2007

Beyond the 45th Parallel

Day 40
Franz Josef to Queenstown
Location: 45 1’ 43.9” S, 168 38’ 37.2” E
Distance: 395 kilometers

On a map the world is divided into meridians and parallels, otherwise known as longitude and latitude. Some of these lines are pretty significant, but all of them help to define locations all across the globe. Since we started this campervan tour we have covered a lot of ground and today we crossed the 45th parallel. We’re now half way between the Equator and the South Pole. It’s hard to picture these invisible lines as you travel around. Thank goodness we have signs to point these things out. I’m hoping there’s a chance that we might make it to the most southern point of NZ…we’ll see.
I think our drive today should have been named “A Tale of Two Countries”. We started on the west “wet” coast in mist and rain. When we arrived in Queenstown it was partly cloudy and in the low 70s. We got a geography lesson about the lee and windward regions of an island firsthand.
We got into Queenstown a bit later today. The landscape here is very impressive. We are surrounded by mountains and it looks a little bit like Colorado. Tomorrow is a catch up day and we’ll probably do some laundry and shopping around town. Tuesday we will be whisked away on the “BBQ Bus” to see one of the most famous areas of New Zealand – Milford Sound.

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JennSean said...

LOVE the yellow warning sign!! That is awesome...and sort of frightening!