Saturday, November 03, 2007

Day 38 Blenheim to Greymouth


Today was a long drive and we’re on the west coast again, only this time on the South Island. We landed in Greymouth, a seaside town of about 14,000 people. Once again, we are gold mining country and this town has a long history.
We enjoyed a very lovely drive. Chris started out on his bike and had a bluebird sky as he rode west through all of the vineyards. We followed behind and picked him up about 30 kilometers later. It was easy to see from our perspective that there must be a huge demand for New Zealand wine. It looks like only a matter of time before everyone converts their crop fields to vineyards.
The wide valley eventually became a winding canyon road as we drove along Buller Gorge. Every once in awhile you could sneak a peak at the striking blue water flowing through the slate colored gorge. It looked like an area that might best be viewed from the water.
We finally made it to Greymouth and gave ourselves a quick tour of the town centre. My mom has decided to take up knitting, so we visited the local craft shop for supplies. She likes to have “projects” when she travels. While she was picking out some “fun” yarn, Chris picked up a paper. He read an interesting article about the nature of the weather in the last month. Apparently, it was one of the worst Octobers on record for wind and rain for New Zealand. Hmm..and we thought we were getting soft. Hopefully we’re on an upward trend with the weather and our really bad weather days are behind us. Only time will tell.

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