Saturday, November 03, 2007

Super Truckers and Ferries

Wellington to Blenheim

We left Wellington this morning to catch the vehicle/cargo ferry to the south island. The trip from Wellington Harbor took us about 3 hours across Cook Strait before they dropped us off at the ferry terminal in Picton. The ferry we took was designed to hold 1600 passengers, 600 cars, and had 1780 lane meters for trailer and campervan transfer. We were loaded on the same decks with all of the semi trucks heading to the south island. Not a whole lot of room to move around on the parking decks, but the ferry workers know how to load a boat. The ferry was, needless to say huge. The ship measured 181 meters long, 23 meters wide and had 10 decks for vehicles, people and equipment.
I wanted to drive the RV on the ferry this morning and was a little nervous. We had to be ready to load at 7:20 am for a departure time of 8:20 am. We left the campsite around 6:45 and ate breakfast in the ferry parking line. As soon as I finished breakfast I climbed back in the driver seat to see what was going on. Not too long later the truck in front of me was heading aboard. We were all safe and snug by 7:30 and were able to get front row recliner seats to watch the ship motor along.
When we got into Picton we expected it to take an hour to unload the ferry. In actuality we were off the ferry within 10 minutes of her docking. Like I said, those ferry workers are good.
The area we are staying in tonight has over 100 wineries. They produce mainly white wines along with a Pinot Noir. The Sauvignon Blanc and the Riesling are especially good. We were able to do a couple of winery tours this afternoon and take part in some of the excellent drink. One of the wineries we visited also had a small boutique brewery where they brew a couple of different types of beers. This living on the road is pretty tough business.
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JennSean said...

Sounds like you guys are really living the tough life. Someone has to do it...just another day in paradise. Happy South Island travels! - SK&JH