Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wonder Twin Powers…Activate!!

Christchurch Day 2

…In the form of a cycle tourist! If you don’t know where this came from you need to google and look for members of the Hall of Justice.
Leslie and I have on more than one occasion dressed exactly alike as we pedal our way around. Yesterday when we took Don and Kathy to the airport we both wore tan shorts, tennis shoes and our black fleece tops. It’s tough being a dork sometimes. I decided today, as we were riding to New Brighton Beach, that we should be the wonder twins. The biggest difference being is we aren’t purple and we are from earth.
We are on the road again tomorrow heading to the Canterbury Hinterland southwest of Christchurch. I think we are both excited to get back on our bikes after our little RV-a-thon. We sent a lot of stuff home and were figuring on having a lot of room in our panniers now. We got all of our stuff together this afternoon and I think that things grew while we weren’t cycling. I looked over at Leslie’s pile at one point and asked her how much communal stuff she was carrying. It was an innocent question on my part I assure you. I was trying to figure out if we could jockey some bags around and have Leslie only carry rear panniers. I forgot that the clothes her parents brought pretty much all remained. Her reply to my question was a sheepish, I am so cute smiley reply; “the computer.” At least she looks good on the bike and around camp. Cycling with style. Upon further review, it turns out she is carrying some spare parts, books and electronic stuff. Needless to say we did shave some weight off of our bags, but no bulk. It is hard to give up your fleeces and coats when the high is in the fifties and it is right at freezing most nights.
Tall Dork signing off.

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