Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wanaka Rest Day 2

Day 61
Time: some
Distance: a little
Avg Speed: barely moving
Terrain: hilly and windy

We are hanging out in Wanaka resting and waiting out some low pressure systems plaguing the South Island. The weather reports called for gale force westerly winds all day. They are actually a little out of the northwest, but gale force none the less. We rode into town this morning to go for a little hike on Mt. Iron. The trail took us to the top of the mountain where, amid wind gusts we enjoyed superb views of Mt. Aspiring national park to the west and the beautiful Cadrona Valley to the east. We were brow beaten by the winds on the way up the mountain, but ended up on a wind sheltered trail coming down the other side.
The time spent here has been taken up with planning other parts of the trip. Leslie is doing the lion’s share of the work and is always so organized in doing so. She has taken turns swiping at big chunks like visas for Southeast Asia and China and toiling away on little things like train tickets around Christmas time and maps for next weeks backpack. She is really the grease that keeps this trip going and from running way off track. Her budget spread sheet would make the government bean counters green with envy. Our travel relationship is not typical like you would see in other traveling couples. I generally do the man stuff like set up the tent and work on the bikes, but I also elbow my way in the kitchen with the women to get dinner up for us. Leslie is always a good sport about what I cook for dinner. I haven’t scared her too much yet, but we are really limited on what we can carry and cook. If there is a store around I always try and get her to shop with me, because she can get me to lose my tunnel vision and cook up some new things. We had a salad for tonight and ventured into the store for something to cook with it. I was looking at some cheap steaks and she had grabbed some pre-made bacon and pineapple balls. I imagine that they will be quite good.
Talk to you later.

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