Friday, November 16, 2007

Mackenzie Country

Day 52
Geraldine to Fairlie
Distance: 45.07 k
Time: 3:05:23
Avg Speed: 14.5 kph
Terrain: Rolling
Location: 44 05 59.2 S, 170 49 58.6 E

I’m a McKenzie myself and I had a little smile on my face when we crossed into the Mackenzie District today. You bet I’ll have a picture by a sign before we leave. Check out this cool website for more info on the area.
Our friend Jennie sent us the link. The website is chock full of interesting New Zealand information.
Today we rode one step closer to our latest goal, Mt Cook. We want to at least make to the village even if we won’t be doing any climbing. We’re hoping to spend a few days in the area soaking up the mountain ambiance.
The ride today was a bit shorter than our last few days. Chris has a little cold and I feel one coming on. We’re taking it slow to see what develops. The weather has been cold and rainy all week and tomorrow it’s finally supposed to improve. The traffic was very busy today and definitely frustrating. We were honked at several times. So far, neither one of us is impressed with the driving style of the Kiwis. We found out as we checked into the campground that the inhabitants of Christchurch have a long holiday weekend. I guess we just got caught up in the frenzy to get out of the city.
We were lucky enough to score free wireless at our campground tonight. As I was firing up the computer to check email, I realized how far technology has come. We’re able to keep up with all of our family and friends via email, write a daily journal on-line, and watch our favorite tv shows (more CSI downloads). I figured that it wouldn’t be so important to me, but it helps me feel more connected to home and that makes me happy.

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