Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Long Haul Trucking

Day 49

Ashley Gorge to Methven

Distance: 85.4 kilometers
Time: 5:35
Avg Speed: 15.4
Terrain: Flat to Gorge Like
Location: 43 38’ 09.1 S, 171 38’ 40.8” E

We are doing a tour from the book so we are trying to stay on task and do the mileage prescribed. Our book prescribed to us to ride around 85 k and warned us that if a northwesterly or a southerly was blowing that we should wait. With that said, we had both a northwesterly and a southerly today.
This morning we started out from Ashley Gorge with calm skies and sunny weather. We waved to the kids waiting for the bus and stopped in nearby Oxford for some vittles for the road. When we turned out of Oxford the northwesterly picked up. Finally, though we had a northwesterly that worked with us, rather than against us. We covered 44 kilometers in just over 2 hours. I was singing songs, Leslie was daydreaming and we both were just humming along. We rolled into Glentunnel and took a water and food break. We then changed directions and were heading with the northwesterly coming from the side. The singing stopped, the daydreaming ceased and we went from humming to grinding. We were glad that we decided to push through to Methven, because when the wind went crazy it went wild. We turned the corner again and the wind turned into a southerly. Beautiful. We rode into the wind and actually had our attention drawn to the amazing scenery and the great white rain heading our way. Luckily we swung around the rain and only encountered a few sprinkles on the way into the quite stunning Rakaia Gorge. The rain stopped in the gorge and we snapped a few pictures. The remaining 25k was pretty non-remarkable, but with 5k left the skies opened up. We decided last night that it was ok if we didn’t stay on budget. The camping area in town looked a little shady and we didn’t have to twist each other’s arms to not set the tent up in the rain. We settled at a little hostel that is very clean and way laid back, plus breakfast is included. Need I say more?
We had a bit of a pity party for ourselves last night and after a good nights sleep last night we took on today with fresh eyes, fresh attitudes and some smiles. As hard as today seemed, we trucked on through and ended more refreshed and relaxed than I can remember. Now, if it doesn’t snow like it is supposed to tonight we will be rocking.
Good Bye

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JennSean said...

I believe some of the guys that work at Jason's ski shop (& maybe Jason too) have worked at Mt. Hutt. I am pretty sure you went by it today?
By the way, love the terrain description: gorge like.