Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kiwi Dialect

Queenstown Rest Day

Day 41

We spent a rest day in Queenstown today. We didn’t feel like driving so we did a foot tour of town. The weather service was calling for snow flurries at 300 meters elevation and above today. We are at 300 meters in Queenstown…go figure. Needless to say we spent a lot of time in shops and cafes. Today I finally figured out what all the coffee drinks are. We have been spoiled in the land of Starbucks with the integration of coffee nomenclature. We have had to learn a whole new language here.

Flat White-Espresso topped with steamed milk
Cappuccino-Espresso topped with hot frothy milk and sprinkled with chocolate
Latte-Espresso topped with steamed milk (sounds a lot like a flat white-why confuse the issue??)
Mochaccino-Espresso mixed with chocolate and topped with hot frothy milk
Long Black-Double shot of espresso topped with hot water (my favorite-called an Americano in the good ol’ USA)
Espresso (aka Short Black)-self explanatory
Macchiato-single shot of espresso stained (hence the name) with a dash of steamed milk
Fluffy-Warm milk served with a froth and served with a marshmallow

I have been drinking tall blacks the entire time I have been here. It was just luck that I ordered one in the first café we went in to. I have stuck to it ever since. I would also like to share a couple other of my favorite Kiwi-isms:

Mink-Possum (they run wild down here in the millions-got to dress them up somehow)
P-crystal meth (for those of you that need to know)
How you going?-how you doing?
Cheers-less formal thank you

I have many more I just can’t think of them right now. We have been using our own little language in the campervan the past couple of weeks. I will share with you one of the most useful words in our language:

Wiki- n; old person-v; acting like an old person (can be used to describe anyone’s actions).

Hopefully this clears up any confusion you may have had. I will add more as I see fit.
On a side note, I did get my first haircut outside of the US today. Just thought I would share.
See you

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JennSean said...

I will try the vocab lesson on the Kiwis that are here for the season!