Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ready to Walk

Day 63

There is not much to report today. Chris is immersered in his latest book, so I will be the guest blogger tonight. Ha, ha.
We spent the day setting up the logistics for the track we want to hike. It's another "must do" on our list while we're in New Zealand. Tomorrow we set off for the Greenstone/Caples route. Our little backpacks are jammed packed - they were not built for multi-day adventures. No problem, we can forgo a little comfort for a good walk. The packs will get lighter each day as we eat all of the instant food we've stuffed inside. I did talk Chris into bringing a bottle of wine and some chocolate bars to change it up a bit. We are notoriously lame when it comes to backpacking food. As some of our friends can attest, we've been known bring minimal food on pack trips and then stare at them as they eat their good food.
It will be quite a change to go without the bikes for a few days. We haven't done that since we've arrived.
See you,

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