Thursday, November 08, 2007

Day 44 Dunedin to Oamaru

Distance: 114 kilometers
Terrain: Rolling hills, sheep and sweeping coastal views

Today was a mixed bag and a good one at that. We spent the morning walking around the Octagon in Dunedin. The city has definite charm and we wished we had more time to spend there. Chris and I checked out the scenic railway we plan to take towards the end of the month. We intend to link it with the Otago Scenic Rail Trail. We’re looking forward to getting off the highway for a few days when we head back towards Queenstown.
We got on the road after lunch and only expected to be driving for a few hours. Little did we know we would find a seal colony and a lighthouse. That’s one of the fun things about traveling; the most interesting parts of the day are probably the things you didn’t plan. Needless to say, it took us four hours to get to Oamaru.
We don’t have long to visit Oamaru, but sense that this town has a lot of character. Our motor camp is adjacent to the public gardens. We enjoyed a lovely evening stroll through an oasis of mature trees and colorful flowers.
Tomorrow we’re off to Christchurch for the final few days with my parents. We’ll have a quick overview of the city and then prepare to get back on the bikes. I think the South Island is going to be a whole different ball game.

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Louise said...

Hi guys-
Thanks for the fun updates. I loved the south island when I visited. Clive's sister was a ski instructor for 4 yrs and lived in Queenstown. Milford is truly an amazing place. It does seem that no matter how much time you have, it is never enough to explore all the great towns. Just remember that you might never be back-take the time!